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Han's Laser Mold 301 Got Rave Reviews at PTXPO 2023

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On March 28th to 30th, PTXPO 2023 was held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL USA. Han's Laser Corporation showcased its laser mold repair welder Mold 301 and mold repair laser welding solutions at Booth 1634.

PTXPO 2023
The Han's Laser Corporation booth attracted numerous visitors interested in mold repair and laser welding. In response to the requests of many visitors, we provided technical explanations of the Mold 301 and performed live demonstrations of the machine. The excellent performance of the Mold 301 received wide praise from the visitors.

PTXPO 2023

PTXPO 2023
Mold 301 Features: 
 YAG laser has the features of high dept to width ratio, meaning thin weld seam, minimal heat impact & deformation and fast welding speed.
 Smooth and clean weld to rapidly decrease the processing time by eliminating or shortening time for post process.
 High quality of weld seam. Low porosity and strong bond strength. The structure of the metal will be refined after weld. 
 Precise control and tiny laser spot enables high precision of positioning and makes automation easy.
 Can weld different mental material
 Excellent for spot welding, butt welding and overlap sealing welding.

mold 301
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