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PCB Laser Depaneling
Why select Laser?
Laser depaneling is non-contact process technology, no mechanical stress, no consumable worn blades, no die cost.
SW control, user-friendly software interface, the contour can be easily programmed and cutting pattern can be easily defined, the vision system can make accuracy marking position recognition, no realignment required between the switch of different types of panel.
Combination of high performance, reliability, low running cost.
CO2 or UV?
The cutting speed of CO2 laser is faster, and process cost is lower than UV, but CO2 cutting will have more charring on the cutting edge, and the kerf width is larger than the UV process.
The UV laser is 355 nm wavelength, with a  "cold marking" method,the laser beam diameter is only 20 μm after focusing, The pulse energy of the UV laser act on the material is in microsecond, and there is no significant thermal influence next to the slit, so there is no damage to the electronic component  caused by the heat generated.
UV is suitable for rigid, flexible and rigid&flexible substrate cutting and marking.
PCB Laser Marking
Printed circuit boards require some message. Barcodes, 2D and UID codes, serial number, batch numbers, and company information, logos, etc. 
Laser PCB marking is non-contact, no ink, no chemical and pollution, low running cost, permanent marking, good for the environment.
PCB Laser Decoating
Make the glue on the Printed circuit boards removal,so that the  post-process is more easier.

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IC Laser Soldering on PCB 

Soldering of ICs to PCB boards is the most basic process for circuit board processing. This automatic soldering technology solution, adopting manipulator feeding and laser soldering, provides a new solution for the entire processing technology, and this solution can be compatible with various PCBs and ICs, breaking through the restrictions of ICs. It provides new processes and new ideas for the application industry.

PCB Process
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