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Face Mask Making Machine
Face Mask Making Machine
Face Mask Making Machine
Face Mask Making Machine
Ear starp KN95 fully automated mask machine.
Head strap KN95 full-auto/semi-auto mask machine.
The equipment including mask forming, mask pressing, mask cutting, ear band/headband welding, upper nose strip, laser marking, breathing valve welding, etc.
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1.What is the Difference Between N95 and KN95 Masks?

2.How does the KN95/N95 face mask machine work?
3.What material is needed to produce KN95/N95 face mask?

4.What is the capacity of machine?
60-80 masks per min,
Semi-automatic machine is available to achieve higher productivity, contact us for more informaiton.

5.How many worker is needed for operation?
For fully automated system, one worker is enought, for semi-automatic system, 2 workers are required.

6.Can this machine run 24 hours a day?

7.Who will install the machine and give training?
Han's Laser Corp in the US will give onsite support.

8.Where to buy the materials?
Customer need to sources the supplier in China or from local.
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