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70W~100W Pulsed MOPA Fiber Lasers
70W~100W Pulsed MOPA Fiber Lasers
70W~100W Pulsed MOPA Fiber Lasers
70W~100W Pulsed MOPA Fiber Lasers
70W~100W Pulsed MOPA Fiber Lasers
70W~100W Pulsed MOPA Fiber Lasers
70W~100W Pulsed MOPA Fiber Lasers
70W~100W Pulsed MOPA Fiber Lasers
HFM Series is a series of MOPA pulsed fiber lasers independently developed by Han's Laser, with excellent beam quality and extremely stable single-pulse energy. Compared with Q-switched lasers, the pulse duration and frequency of MOPA lasers are independently adjustable, enabling stable high peak power output. HFM Series has a variety of average power outputs, which can meet the needs of different marking application scenarios. The 70-100W higher output power lasers make them more prominent in the application of high-speed marking, and expand their processing application to the field of laser cutting and laser welding.
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Application and Samples:
•Metal deep engraving
•Sheet metal precision cutting
•Sheet metal microwelding
•Metal drilling
•Laser paint removal, coating removal, cleaning, rust removal
Aluminum alloy deep engraving
Beryllium copper welding
Dissimilar metals welding
Graphite deep marking
Technical Specs:
Model HFM-70R-1.0-W-R HFM-100R-1.0-CI-R-4U HFM-100R-1.5-NI-R
Center wavelength/nm 1050~1070nm 1050~1070nm 1050~1070nm
Average power /W 70 100 100
Max single pulse energy /mJ 1.0 1.0 1.5
Beam quality M2 1.2~2.0 1.2~2.0 1.2~2.0
Optional number of pulses 16 16 16
Pulse-Width/ns 2~500 2~500 2~500
Frequency range/KHz 1.6~3000 1.6~3000 1.6~2000
Max peak power/KW >10 >10 >15
Output spot diameter/mm 6~9 6~9 6~9
Output fiber length/m 2.5 2.5 2.5
Long time power fluctuation 1~3% 1~3% 1~3%
Red guide light Yes Yes Yes
Operating voltage /V 24 24 24
Operating power/W 300 480 480
Cooling mode Air Air Air
Working temperature /℃ 0~40 10~35 10~35
Working environment humidity 10~95% 10~95% 10~95%
Product dimension(L*W*H)/mm 364*275*85 400*300*124 400*300*124

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