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Laser Marking and Engraving of Auto Parts

- Laser marking on car labels and nameplates of auto parts
- Laser marking on automotive glass of auto parts
- Laser marking on automotive parts. Including 2D code and other marks; logo, pattern, warning signs, etc.; label nameplate marking; automotive glass 3C certification and other markings; production date, serial number, batch number, etc.; 

Laser Welding of Auto Parts
- Laser welding of automotive transmission gears and planet carriers
- Flywheel assembly, ring gear, and drive plate laser welding
Automobile shock absorber welding
- Automotive sunroof welding
- Filter laser welding
Laser Cutting of Auto Parts
-Laser cutting of airbag
-Laser cutting of automobile sheet metal
Laser Marking Tag
Laser Marking&Engraving
Laser Marking Bearings
Laser Marking&Engraving
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Laser Marking Auto Parts
Laser Marking Auto Parts
Laser Marking Tag
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Han's Laser Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Han's Laser Technology Group, a global leader in laser technology.
We are committed to providing our customers with the latest industrial laser machine technology to better suit their special needs.
Headquartered in the U.S. employed by knowledgeable trained personnel. Han's Laser is transforming the industry into a state of the art machines.

Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd, a public company that is established in 1996 has now become the flagship of Chinese national laser industry and the world's famous laser
equipment manufacturer. Han's Laser went public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market in 2004. And as of today, its market value reaches more than 6 Billion USD.