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Elfin Series Collaborative Robot
Elfin Series Collaborative Robot
Elfin Series Collaborative Robot
Elfin Series Collaborative Robot
Elfin Series Collaborative Robot
Elfin Series Collaborative Robot
Elfin Series Collaborative Robot
Elfin Series Collaborative Robot
Elfin collaborative robots are applied for integrated automatic production lines, assembly, pickup, welding, grinding, painting, etc. Our collaborative robots have four different payloads, 3, 5, 10 and 15 kg, easily integrated into your production lines.
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Safer Work
With Elfin robots, there is no need to pay extra for a safe operation like traditional robots. The robots have high collaborative performance and can perform a protective stop immediately when they encounter resistance, ensuring safety among co-workers, workpieces, and production equipment. 
More Flexible Deployment
Elfin robots can be mounted at any angle and installed anywhere to minimize the impact on the production lines. Redeployment requires a short time and is suitable for small batches, customized and short-cycle production, which is the best choice for automation transformation.
Easy Operation
Elfin robots can be easily taught by moving the end of the arm to the desired position or trajectory, which significantly saves the programing time. Ten minutes is enough for building a straightforward pick and place program.
Fast, Stable Ether CAT bus communication
The controller and robot joint adopt industrial EtherCAT communication, enabling the system to have excellent control performance and an-interference solid ability.
Application and Samples
Technical Specs

 type E3  E5 E5-L E10 E15
 weight 17kg 23KG 24KG 40KG 45KG
 payload 3kg 5kg 3.5kg 10kg 15kg
 reach 590mm 800mm 950mm 1000mm 700mm
 power 100W in typical cycle 180W in typical cycle 350W in typical cycle 450W in typical cycle
 joint range ±360°
 joint speed      J1-J4 180°/S J5-J6 200°/S J1-J4 180°/S J5-J6 200°/S J1-J4 180°/S J5-J6 200°/S J1-J2 120°/S J3-J4 135°/S J5-J6 180°/S J1-J2 120°/S J3-J4 135°/S J5-J6 180°/S
 tool speed 2m/s
 repeatability ±0.05mm/±0.03mm(under normal conditions)
 degree of  freedom 6
 control box size 536*445*319mm
 end I/O port digital input:3,digital output:3,analog input:2
 control box    I/O  port digital input:16,digital output:16, analog input:2,analog output:2
 I/O source 24V 2A
 communication TCP/IP/MODBUS
 programming graphical programming,remote process call
 IP classification IP54/IP66
 collaborative  operation 10 advanced configurations for safety
 main material aluminum alloy
 working      temperature 0-50℃
 power input 200-240V AC,50-60Hz
 cable cable to connect the control box:5m,cable to connect teach pendant:5m

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