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Fully Automated Laser Depaneling, Sorting, Stacking System
Laser application: depaneling, marking Laser source: UV laser, Green laser Pulse width: nanosecond, picosecond Configurations: inline, offline Integration and customization: feeding device, dual-station laser processing, robotic arm picking and sorting, data base communication
Laser Marking Applications on Red Wine
The application of laser in red wine includes company signs marking on red wine bottle, wine cork marking, wine carbon box marking, wooden box marking, etc.
PCB Laser Depaneling Machine with X-out Board Function
Han's Laser depaneling machine assembled with a high-resolution camera can help to distinguish the X-out board, only cut the boards are qualified in the panel. https://us.hanslaser.net/products/laser-depaneling-pcb-machine-hdz-uvc3030.html
The commonly used laser welding form is called laser penetration welding. It is firstly to force the two plastic parts to be welded to be together through pressure and then locate a laser beam in short wave infrared region onto the position to be welded. The laser beam, after going through the upper-layer transparent material, will be absorbed by the lower layer. The laser energy, after being absorbed, will be transformed into heat energy. Since two layers of materials are forced together, the heat energy will conduct to transparent layer from absorbing layer, which would make the two layers of materials melt and connected. At the same time, the internal pressure occurs because of the material’s thermal expansion. So the joint effort of the internal and external pressure can make sure that the two parts are firmly welded. For the product whose lower-layer material does not absorb laser, absorbent needs to be added to the lower layer.
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