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Application of Laser Equipment in Mobile Communications

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With the advent of the mobile Internet, the smart phone has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Laser equipment is absolutely necessary for the production of mobile phones. It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of smartphone largely depends on the performance of laser equipment.
As everyone knows, logo(on the phone surface), battery description, bar code, the model mark of power cable, nameplates on the router and power supply, etc. are marked by laser marker. Earphone film and punching on the phone shell are cut by laser. Circuit board, PCB board, button and data cable connector are processed by laser welding.

Laser Welder
Laser welder is a must for the production of a smartphone. Specifically speaking, precision laser welding is much needed to process phone screw, phone shell, data cable connector, shield case, metal phone shell, metal capacitor shell, HDD, etc.
Working Principle
Laser welding uses high energy laser pulse to heat a small area of workpiece surface. The heat of the surface penetrates into the interior of workpiece as a result of thermal conduction. Then the workpiece is molten so that a molten pool is formed and welding is achieved after cooling.
With high power density and fast released energy, laser welding has much higher working efficiency than traditional welding methods. Small laser spot enables better bonding strength between two materials, with no surface damage or deformation. No post-processing for welding seam is needed when the welding process is completed.

Laser marker
Traditionally, logo and characters on the keypad are sprayed with the inkjet printer and can be easily erased. By comparison, laser marking is a more advanced non-contact processing method, featuring faster mark speed, higher precision, clear, lasting and beautiful marking effect. Besides, more kinds of materials can be marked by laser marker.
Working Principle
Controlled by a computer, the laser beam is focused onto worpiece surface, and through high-temperature calculations, surface materials are instantly vaporized, thus creating a permanent mark on the surface of workpiece.
Compared with the inkjet printer, laser marker is capable of creating clearer, finer and more beautiful patterns and characters that are hard to be erased.
Recommended Machine Type
H20/HM20 Fiber Laser Marker (2015 new product), UV-2E UV Laser Marker, UV-3S UV Laser Marker

Laser Cutter
Traditional cutting methods like flame cutting, plasma cutting, punch press, electric spark line cutting, water jet cutting, etc. cannot satisfy the current production requirements of mobile communication equipment. Laser cutting technology has been applied to cutting the film, shell, home key, and receiver/handset net of the mobile phone, sapphire glass phone screen, the protective lens of the phone camera, FPC flexible circuit board, etc.
Working Principle
The laser beam, controlled by a computer, is precisely radiated onto work piece and high energy will be instantly released. The radiated materials will be quickly melted, vaporized and ablated (or reach ignition point). The high-speed airflow that is coaxial with laser beam blows off the melt materials and workpiece will be cut.
Thanks to small laser spot, high energy density, fast cutting speed, narrow cut groove, little heat-affected zone, smooth and clean cutting surface, laser cutting have a  good cutting effect and thus is suitable for cutting mobile telecommunication products.
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