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UV Laser Marking Machine EP-15-THG-S
UV Laser Marking Machine EP-15-THG-S
UV Laser Marking Machine EP-15-THG-S
UV Laser Marking Machine EP-15-THG-S
UV Laser Marking Machine EP-15-THG-S
UV Laser Marking Machine EP-15-THG-S
UV Laser Marking Machine EP-15-THG-S
UV Laser Marking Machine EP-15-THG-S
Summary information
Single-station marking platform has complete laser protection system and it can effectively prevent people from damage caused by laser;

manual sliding door is convenient and safe to use; the whole design is simple and beautiful and it complies with ergonomic principles.

UV laser is applicable for fine processing and special material processing.
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The UV laser is 355 nm wavelength, with a  "cold marking" method,the laser beam diameter is only 20 μm after focusing, The pulse energy of the UV laser act on the material is in microsecond, and there is no significant thermal influence next to the slit, so there is no damage to the electronic component  caused by the heat generated.

- With cold laser processing and small heat-affected zone, it can achieve high quality processing
- Wide applicable materials range can compensate for the shortage of infrared laser processing ability
- With good beam quality and small focusing spot, it can achieve superfine marking
- High marking speed, high efficiency, and high precision
- No consumables, low cost and low maintenance fee
- The overall machine has stable performance, supporting long-term operation

Application and Samples
- Marking of electronic products' LOGO, model, place of origin and so on
- Marking of food, PVC pipe, medicine packaging material (HDPE, PO, PP and so on); micro-hole drilling, diameter d≤10μm
- PCB marking and cutting
- Removal of metal or non-metallic coatings
- Silicon wafer micro-hole and blind hole processing
- Marking of low-voltage apparatus and refractory materials

Laser Marking Glass
Laser Marking Solenoid
Laser Marking Phones
Laser Marking PP
Laser Marking Phones
Laser Marking Seals
UV Laser Marking
UV Laser Marking
Technical Specs
Machine Type EP-15-THG-S
Wavelength 355nm 
Marking Speed 250 characters per second
Type of Cooling Water-Cooling
Mark the Minimum Line Width 10μm - 15μm
Laser Power 4 W / 7 W / 10 W / 15 W / 25 W 
Marking Field Size 100mm*100mm
The Standard Lens F160
Laser Safety Level Class I
Electrical Connection 220V 16A, 50 Hz
Power Consumed 1.5KW-2 KW
Dimensions Single Station : 800mm*950mm*1630mm
Warranty Coverage(Parts & Labor) 1-year

Options and Accessories
We have mature options and accessories to fit your specific application. A custom solution is always welcomed to consult.
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We are committed to providing our customers with the latest industrial laser machine technology to better suit their special needs.
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