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FLY3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
FLY3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
FLY3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
FLY3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
FLY3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
FLY3015 features the entirely enclosed 120" x 60" fully cutting area, which provides a radiation-free working environment. The in-line exchange worktable maximizes the cutting efficiency. The state-of-the-art IPG laser source can cut up to 25mm Carbon Steel and 15mm Stainless steel. Many metals can be cut - aluminum, brass, copper, titanium and other non-ferrous metals.

FLY3015 specializes in cutting various sheet metal products in the metal fabrication industries, such as agricultural machinery, automotive, aircraft ships, electronics, lighting, sign industry, elevator manufacturing, household electrical appliances, etc.

Han's Laser provides on-site installation and training plus a two-year warranty.
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  • Leading-edge IPG fiber laser source generates the most reliable laser beam quality and lowers the operating cost. 
  • Less power consumption also makes a longer working life.
  • PRECITEC’s latest laser cutting head – pro-cutter, make the optimized cutting process achievable with its high performance and reliability.
  • Real-time monitoring cutting conditions show on the monitor and through a user-friendly APP on mobile devices. 
  • CCD technology, Eagle eye, facilitates ultra-fast positioning of the sheet metal edge and minimizes cutting time. It also can process punching and precut parts by utilizing the second positioning function.
  • Optimized cutting technology with programmable laser frequency and focus position can efficiently process different thickness and sheet metal types. Cutting parameters can be programmed and saved without human intervention—a genuinely user-friendly system.
  • Automatic energy-saving mode: Automatically switched to “standby” mode after being idle for 5 minutes. 
  • Auto exchanging table with the Hydraulic lifting system can increase productivity.
  • Operate the machine by remote controller make reacting time faster and the working environment safer.
Application and Samples
Applications primarily suited for sheet metal processing. Such as various metal products processing industries, agricultural machinery industry, automobiles, aircraft and ships, electrical equipment, lighting advertising industry, elevator manufacturing, kitchen electrical appliances and so on.
Laser Cutting Stainless Steel
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
Technical Specs
Machine Models
FLY 3015
 FLY 4020
  FLY 6020
Working Area 118.11" x 59.05"(3000mm x 1500 mm) 157.48" x 78.74" (4000mm x 2000 mm) 236.22" x 78.74"(6000mm x 2000 mm)
Laser Power 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 Watts Fiber
Laser Source Fiber Laser(IPG)
 Working Table Parallel Exchange Working Table
Loading Method Automatic Exchanging Pallets
CNC Controller CypCut (Beckhoff Optional)
Drive System Synchronized Dual Large Torque Servo Motor
Max Positioning Speed 140m/min
Maximum Acceleration 1.5 G
Positioning Accuracy ± 0.05mm
Repositioning Accuracy ± 0.03mm
Maximum Workpiece Weight 1543 lbs (700kg)
Main Machine Power 10KW 11KW 12KW
Main Machine Weight 20943 lbs (9500kg) 24250 lbs (11000kg) 26455 lbs (12000kg)
Overall Dimension  350.39"x 118.11" x 82.67"
(8900mm x 3000mm x 2100mm)
78.74" x 141.73" x 82.67"
(2000mm x 3600mm x 2100mm)
610.23" x 165.35" x 86.61"
(15500mm x 4200mm x 2200mm)

Options and Accessories
We have mature options and accessories to fit your specific application. A custom solution is always welcomed to consult.
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