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UV Laser Marking Machine

1. Good beam quality, small focused laser spot, small heat-affected zone enabling super-fine marking;
2. Rotary worktable and Z-axis manual lift mechanism are used
1. Applicable to a wide range of materials; marking and piercing of food packaging materials, PVC pipes and medical packaging materials (HDPE, PO, PP, etc.); piercing, with hole diameter d≤10μm.
2. Marking and slicing of flexible PCB boards.
3. Removin
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UV-3C UV Laser Marker is based on 355nm UV laser of which Han's Laser holds independent intellectual property right and USA invention patent. The focused laser spot of 355nm UV laser is extremely small, and the heat-affected zone is also very small, so the laser is mainly applied to super-fine marking, and marking and engraving of special materials. In addition, rotary worktable and Z-axis manual lift mechanism are used in UV-3C UV Laser Marker. 
Performance Parameters

No. Machine model UV-3C
1 Laser wavelength 355nm
2 Laser power 3W / 20KHz
3 Repetition frequency 10-200KHz
4 Marking range 3.94''×3.94'', optional
5 Marking line width ≤0.00039''
6 Marking depth ≤0.00039''
7 Min. character 0.0059''
8 Marking linear speed 22.97'/s
9 Repeatability ±0.0001''
10 Power supply requirement 220V/single-phase/50Hz/15A
11 Total power ≤1.5KW

System Outer Dimensions
System Features
Ø   Applicable to a wide range of materials;
Ø   Good beam quality, small focused laser spot, enabling super-fine marking;
Ø   Small heat-affected zone, avoiding damaging the material; high yield rate;
Ø   High marking speed, high efficiency and high precision;
Ø   No consumables are required, thereby reducing cost and maintenance expenses;
Ø   Overall performance is stable, suitable for continuous long-time operation;
Ø   Rotary worktable is used for marking.
Working Conditions
1)     Ambient temperature should be 15℃~30℃, air conditioning required.
2)     Humidity should be less than 60% without condensation, dehumidifier installed.
3)     Power supply requirement: 220V, 50Hz.
4)     Power supply fluctuation should be ±15% and grounding wires should comply with national standards. In the regions with voltage amplitude over 15%, automatic voltage-stabilizing and current-stabilizing devices should be installed.
5)     The machine should not be installed in places with strong electromagnetic signal interference or near radio station (or relay station).
6)     Foundation amplitude should be less than 50um and vibration acceleration less than 0.05g, with no machine tools such as large punching machines nearby.
7)     Working area must be smoke-free and dust-free, without dust or powder resulting from metal polishing or grinding.
8)     Atmospheric pressure should be 86kpa~106kpa.
9)     In certain conditions, anti-static floor should be installed to enhance shielding.
10)   Circulating cooling water should be purified water, deionized water or distilled water. Any water rich in metal ions or other minerals like tap water or mineral water cannot be used.
UV-3C Laser Marker Standard Configuration

System Name Part name Specification Country of Origin
Optical System Laser Water-cooled end-pumped UV laser Han's Laser
Beam Expanders 6X Han's Laser
Galvanometer SCANcube 10 Import
Focus Lens f-θ160 Han's Laser
Control System Laser Controller DracoTMLaser Controller Han's Laser
Marking control system integrated marking control box Han's Laser
Marking control system IPC Industrial IPC Domestic
Monitor 19-inch LCD Domestic
Marking control card EMCC 3200 Han's Laser
Software Han’s marking software 5.3 Han's Laser

Material Engrave  Cut 
Stainless Steel √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Coated Metals √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Anodized Aluminum √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Brass √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Copper √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Gold √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Silver √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Titanium √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Bare Metals √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Ruber √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
PES √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
PS √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
PP √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
ABS √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
PVC √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
PE √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Acrylic √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
MDF √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Wood √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Granite √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Marble √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Brick √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Glass √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Fiber Glass √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Crystal √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Ceramic √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Diamond √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Gemstone √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Cloth √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Leather √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Fiber  √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Carbon Fiber √(up to 0.01'') √(up to 0.0039'')
Nylon  √  
Epoxy  √  
HDPE  √  

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