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Laser Depaneling For Fingerprint Sensor IC

Published : 01/06/2018 Author :
Today, fingerprint recognition is almost a standard configuration for smartphones. It is convenient and safe to use your own fingerprint password. While the mainstream method using cutting tools along with fingerprint modules to process the fingerprint chips has limitations such as the collapse of chips back, the UV laser processing technology is now more favorable in the industries.
UV lasers are widely used for marking and cutting on wafers, PCBs and FPCs. Using non-contact processing, no mechanical stress or deformation will occur during the processing. It is a one-time process for any arbitrary figures, which will save the cost of replacement of abrasion molds and cycle times. The integrated high-resolution vision position system highly improves the processing accuracy to meet customers' requirement.
Here is a featured laser model HDZ-UVC3030 for processing fingerprint chips IC.

Features of HDZ-UVC3030:
  • Automatically compensate the expansion of plates to meet the requirement of customers' workpieces.
  • With multi-board imposition function.
  • User-friendly software, easy to operate and develop.
  • Using high-precision linear motor worktable and high-resolution CCD visual positioning system to ensure the processing accuracy.
  • Laser scanning head comes with electric lift station, automatically adjust the focal length for products of different thickness.
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