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New Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Larger than Larger marking size

Published : 12/29/2017 Author :
Are you still having a headache with the small marking area?
Are you looking for a machine with the marking area greater than 4”x4”(100mmx100mm )
and 6”x6”(160mmx160mm)?
Now we have new model BL-400 with 15.7”x15.7”(400mmx400mm) can fulfill your need.
No X,Y gantry , only scanner system with high-speed marking speed.
Other Features;
Beam size:50μm
Beam Quality M²:<1.3
Micron grade Precision
Fine tuning 3-Axis optical system
Widely use for Electronic products, Banknotes, Mold, PCB, Sanitary, and kitchenware, etc..
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                                           Machine Full View

        Normal Marking                                 BL-400 Marking

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