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New Laser Welding Solution--Transparent Plastics Laser Welding

Published : 08/02/2017 Author :
New Laser Welding Solution--Transparent Plastics Laser Welding 

     Transparent Plastics Laser Welding System is different from other welding systems, it is  No need to add any light-absorbing additive and  non-pollution, it is Specifically designed for transparent Plastics.


★ No need to add any light-absorbing additive, Good welding quality,non-pollution
★Modular design, can be customized for your specific need
★High reliabilit , maintenance free
★Any plane figure or circle welding  avaIlable
With CCD function, Fast and accurate positioning


Transparent plastics materials, such as  PFA,PE, PP,PBT, PA6,PC,POM,PSF,PPS,PEEK,PEI、LCP,PC,PVC,PP,PMMA,PET and so on 

PE+PE,PP+PE pipe                                                                    Vacuum cup

            PFA FILE AND PFA PIPE                                                                     PBT,PA6,PC,POM MATERIALS

   Nonwoven fabrics
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