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Laser engraving technology has been applied in the field of cigarette for years, not only for identifying information about cigarette products (e.g. Carton cigarette or box cigarette from the tobacco factory), but also for marking solutions such as anti-counterfeiting, sales management, and logistic tracing.


1) Easy to automate and integrate (direct writing of patterns can establish using computer-controlled movement of the beam or sample);
2) Precise beam positioning and a beam highly localized energy transfer to the workpiece (a narrow damage zone); 
3) High reproducibility, high speed, and throughput;


Application in Industrial Tobacco:Laser engraving/marking on carton cigarette or box cigarette in the tobacco factory. For example, HongTa Group and Lanzhou Cigarette Factory have adopted the laser technology on anti-fake and the two-dimensional code etc., so that the goals of anti-counterfeiting, sales management and logistic tracing for the cigarette in the market can be achieved.

Tobacco package Patch number Patch number Production date
Anti-fake code Anti-fake code Tobacco package Tobacco package

Equipped with General Assembly Line

Then the cigarette cases are conveyed by the vacuum-sorption transporter. When the sensor checks the cases, the marker begins to work; and marked cases are detected. Qualified cases enter the material receiving conveyor and unqualified ones would be rejected by the automatic rejection installation. The conveying rate of pagination is about fifty meters per minute with output of four hundred pages per minute.


G20 Fiber Laser         Fiber Series KS20         UV-3C

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