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With the development of laser coding technology, the laser coding has been widely used in medical industry, such as marking patch number, production date, date of expiry, anti-fake code on medicine box, medicine bottle, capsule, and label etc.


1) Non-contact marking and no special working environment required; 
2) Easy to automate and integrate (direct writing of patterns can establish using computer-controlled movement of the beam or sample); 
3) Precise beam positioning and a beam highly localized energy transfer to the workpiece (a narrow damaged zone); 
4) High reproducibility, high speed, and throughput; 
5) Contamination-free.


Medicine box Electronic supervision code Blister pack Medicine bags
Capsule Label Medicine bottle Metal Box

Equipped with General Assembly Line

The laser coding was finished on customer’s product line, that is the laser coding system was directly installed onto customer’s semi-automatic or full-automatic product line. The laser coding system detects medicine box by a photoelectric detection device, when the medicine box moved to marking position, the marker will be triggered to do online marking. For non-uniform velocity moving product line, add a speedometer to do speed compensation, then achieved variable speed laser coding.


Recommend model

Model Hans36K-T Hans60K
Application Colored medicine box Capsule
Marking content 16 characters 8 characters
Marking time/item Around 140ms Around 50ms
Max. marking speed 45 m/min 25m/min
Max. Output/hour About 11000 boxes About 60000
Coding time interval ≤1ms ≤1ms
Percent of pass ≥ 99.9% ≥ 99.9%


G20 Fiber Laser         Fiber Series KS20         UV-3C

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