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Laser technology has been applied in the packaging industry. For example two-dimensional code marked on the carton cigarette or box cigarette for sales management, anti-fake code marked on medical bags and production date marked on PET bottle etc.


1) Permanent, high-quality marks;

2) High efficiency and low operation cost;

3) Good accessibility, even to irregular surface.


Bottled water Can Paper package Paper package
Can Beer bottle Drink bottle Pet bottle

Equipped with General Assembly Line

The following diagram shows how laser engraving/marking machine used in beverage industry


Recommend model

Model Hans36K-T Hans58K Hans20Y
Application PET bottle Bottle water cap Can
Marking content 16 characters 16 characters 13 characters
Marking time / item Around 70ms Around 80ms Around 30ms
Max. marking speed 60 m/min 30 m/min 100 m/min
Max. Output / hour 36000 bottle/hour 5000 bottle/hour 4000 bottle/hour


G20 Fiber Laser         Fiber Series KS20         UV-3C

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