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Crystal gift


We are playing a leading role in the 3D laser engraving industry. We focus on the research, development, and application of three-dimensional imaging technology and now we become the world's few companies who are able to self-develop 3D camera and laser sub-surface engraving machines with high-resolution, high-performance and low price, and we are able to provide our clients with three-dimensional imaging program in high-precision and high-efficiency.


Our three-dimensional imaging system has the prominent advantages of high speed and accuracy, which can catch the image of face, chest, back and head from 180°. Can be applied to the modification of gifts, industrial models, digital entertainment and so on.


Crystal Crystal Crystal Crystal
Crystal Crystal Crystal Crystal


G20 Fiber Laser         Fiber Series KS20         UV-3C


G20 Fiber Laser         Fiber Series KS20        UV-3C    

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