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Textile & Leather


As an all-new process method, thanks to its advantages of high precision, speediness, simplified operation and the high degree of automation, laser engraving and cutting technologies have been applied gradually far and wide in textile and leather industries. And the advanced technology keeps manufacturers at the forefront of fashion.


Laser cutting is widely used in textile and leather industry. Laser cutting has following advantages:

A.        Takes up less room. Due to the reduced production period, as well as reduced personnel and supporting facilities requirements, the amount of cleanroom space is decreased.

B.        Lower costs. Being computer-controlled, less human interaction is needed, reducing labor costs. No additional materials are required. Production costs are also reduced.

C.        Increased quality. Due to the lower human interaction, man-made errors are reduced and high-quality output is increased. Furthermore, cutting efficiency is increased by a factor of 10.

D.        Due to the agility of the laser cutter, designs and product patterns can be changed according to clients; requirements at any time.


Shoe upper Jean Zipper Vamp
Button Zipper head Vamp Shoe heel


G20 Fiber Laser         Fiber Series KS20         UV-3C

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