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Han's Laser P5060
Han's Laser P5060


1. Rigid, anti-vibration, high stability with fixed worktable of cast iron base.
2. High precision movement due to servo motor driving and Japanese imported lead screw parts.
3. User-friendly interface with multi-layer cutting, cutting path optimization
Matched with CO2 Laser: Touch panel, mobile panel, IT plastic component, PCB, Ceramic, leather and other non-metal material.
Matched with Fiber laser: fine cutting of pole end plate of battery etc.
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Product Introduction
P5060-CO2-XX Series Laser Cutters mainly include following machine models: P5060-CO2-30/55/60/100/150.
Machine name: P5060 Series Laser Marker

1. Rigid, anti-vibration, high stability with fixed worktable of cast iron base.
2. High precision movement due to servo motor driving and Japanese imported lead screw parts.
3. User-friendly software interface with multi-layer cutting, cutting path optimization.
Model   P5060-30 P5060-60 P5060-100
Stroke X axis 600mm 600mm 600mm
Y axis 500mm 500mm 500mm
Accuracy Psitioning accuracy ≤±0.02mm ≤±0.02mm ≤±0.02mm
repetition positioning accuracy ≤±0.01mm ≤±0.01mm ≤±0.01mm
Cutting accuracy ≤±0.05mm ≤±0.05mm ≤±0.05mm
Laser type CO2 CO2 CO2
Laser power 30W 60W 100W
Min. cutting width 0.07mm 0.07mm 0.07mm
Weight 850kg 850kg 850kg
DimensionLxWxH  1210x1200x1300mm 1210x1200x1300mm 1210x1200x1300mm
Enviorment Power supply  220VAC,50/60HZ,50A 220VAC,50/60HZ,50A 220VAC,50/60HZ,50A
Power consumption 4.5KW 4.5KW 4.5KW
Wet  45%~75% 45%~75% 45%~75%
Temperature 10~30 10~30 10~30
Gas pressure 0.1~0.8MPA 0.1~0.8MPA 0.1~0.8MPA

Description of machine model:
a)  Transmission mechanism—P: it indicates the ball screws transmission;
b)  Vertical (Y-axis) effective processing range (X10mm)—it indicates the vertical (Y-axis) effective processing range (X10mm), e.g.: 50 refers to 500mm;
c)  Horizontal (X-axis) effective processing range (X10mm)—it indicates the horizontal (X-axis) effective processing range (X10mm), e.g.: 60 refers to 600mm;
d)  Laser type—it indicates the laser type, e.g.: CO2 laser, YAG laser;
e)  Laser power—in indicates the laser power, e.g.: 30, 60, 100 and 150 respectively indicate that the laser powers are respectively 30W, 60W, 100W and 150W;
f)  Optional function system—it indicates whether the laser cutter is equipped with the system, “CCD” indicates the laser cutter is equipped with the CCD positioning system; “ZAT” indicates the laser cutter is equipped with the Z-axis electric lifting focusing function module; “PT” indicates the laser cutter is equipped with the automation platform, e.g.: double-station loading/unloading platform, automatic loading/unloading platform; use the symbol “&” to separate if the laser cutter is equipped with multiple systems, e.g.: CCD&ZAT&PT indicates the aforesaid three functions are all equipped; if it is blank, it indicates the laser cutter is not equipped with any function system.
Model example:
P5060-CO2-30-CCD indicates the screw-transmission type laser cutter, its horizontal effective processing range is 600mm and vertical effective processing range is 500mm, it is a 30W CO2 laser and equipped with CCD positioning system.
P5060-CO2-100 indicates the screw-transmission type laser cutter, its horizontal effective processing range is 600mm and vertical effective processing range is 500mm, it is a 100W CO2 laser and not equipped with any function system.
2.2 Product Features
This machine is a high-precision and hi-tech processing equipment that integrates mechanical, optical and electronic technologies. It has the features of compact size, no pollution, low noise and non-contact processing. Compared with traditional processing method of sheet materials, it has the following advantages: higher cutting quality (narrower cutting seam, smaller heat-affected area, smoother cutting edge), higher cutting speed, higher processing flexibility (cutting of arbitrary shapes can be realized) and wider material adaptability.
2.3 Scope of Application
P5060 Series Laser Cutter can be used to cut common non-metal materials, for example: wood, conductive film, paper, acrylic board and PET film, into arbitrary shapes. Laser cutting technology is an ideal solution for modern factories to improve cutting technology, and also an ideal way for family workshops to enter into modern processing industry.
2.4 Operation Environment
This machine is designed in accordance with applicable industrial environment regulations. Han’s Laser is not liable for any effect resulting from improper installation environment (such as, residence or family environment, etc).
Please operate the machine in the recommended environment conditions. Otherwise, the machine may be damaged or its service life may be affected.
Recommended operation environment:

Working ambient temperature 10℃~30℃
Transportation and package temperature 5 ~ 45 ℃
Relative humidity 45% to 90%
Power supply requirements Single-phase 220VAC,50HZ,35A
Power network fluctuation ±5%
Earth wire of power network Comply with national standard of machine room
Cooling water Deionized water, purified water or distilled water, keep clean
Compressed air ≥50L/min (The compressed air should be water-free and oil-free, and then passes through the air drying machine, finally enters into the laser cutter.)
Do not use the machine in any of the following places:
  Any place with much rubbish, dust or oil mist;
  Any place with frequent shake or impact;
  Any place where chemicals and medicines are within touch;
  Any place close to high-frequency interference source;
  Any place where dew is easily condensed;
  Any place with high concentration of CO2, NOX and SOX.
2.5 Influence on Ambient Environment and Energy Source
Laser processing is a kind of non-contact processing, and it almost does not produce noise, chemical pollution (subject to material of workpieces), fume, dust or air pollution. Please equip with the filtering and dust-collecting device which accords with the environment protection regulations if fume, dust and harmful gas will be generated after processing the product.
If the machine needs to be discarded or not used again, please contact Han’s Laser.
2.6 Product Outside View

Figure 2-2 Product outside view
(For detailed machine model, please be subject to the actual machine.)
2.7 Product Structure and Working Principle
P5060 Series Laser Cutter consists of control system, motion system, optical system and water cooling system. And the optical system is a kind of precision component, please pay special attention during operation in order to avoid the factitious fault arising from component damage/pollution or optical path change.
This machine is the CO2 laser cutter of XY-axes movement. The laser outputs the controlled laser beam, this beam is focused on the workpiece surface through the focusing lens, the fine high-energy-density laser spots are formed. Each high-energy laser pulse instantly ablates an extremely fine hole on the workpiece surface. Under the control of the control system, the motion system drives the cutting head and the material to be cut to do relative movement according to pre-edited graphics, thus the material is cut into the expected shape.
2.8 Structure and Working Principle of Each Component
This machine consists of control system, motion system, optical system, water cooling system and exhausting system, and the detailed descriptions are as follows:
a)  Control system
The control system mainly consists of control card, industrial PC, display and keyboard.
The control system reads the processing file generated by the drawing software, controls the actuating signal output by the motion system to control the movement of motion system and sends pulsed signal to the laser to control the laser beam output, thus realizing laser processing. The industrial PC is equipped with two USB flash disk interfaces and the USB flash disk is mainly used to transfer the drawing file, processing file and update file to the industrial PC memory.
Function of each part of the machine is as shown in Figure 2-3.

Figure 2-3 Machine function block diagram
b)   Motion system
The motion system mainly consists of the driver, motor, X/Y-axis guide rail (as shown in Figure 2-4), X/Y-axis driving lead screw, etc. X/Y-axis drives the ball screws through servo motor to control the cutting head (reflectors and focusing lens) movement to process each kind of planar graphics. The lifting screw on the cutting head is used to adjust the height of cutting nozzle (focusing lens) to match with different thicknesses of the processing materials. (Note: for the machine with machine model of P5060-CO2-XX-ZAT, it is equipped with Z-axis automatic lifting module, please contact the R&D Department of Han's Laser for more details.)
c)   Optical system
The optical system consists of the laser, beam expander, reflectors and focusing lens.
The laser is a kind of RF excited and metal sealed type CO2 laser, the laser can produce the far infrared laser with wavelength of 10.6μm, the max. repeating frequency can reach 25khz and the pulse width is in the range of 2μs-1000μs.
The beam expander is used to collimate and expand the laser beam generated by the laser.
The reflectors contains three sets of reflectors (respectively named as A, B and C), the Reflector A combines a visible red light and the laser beam into one beam, uses the red light to indicate the laser path and reflects the beam on the Reflector B at the left end of X-axis girder; Reflector B reflects the beam on the Reflector C at the top of the cutting head; Reflector C reflects the beam on the focusing lens; finally after the reflection and focusing, laser spots with diameter of 0.10-0.15mm are formed at the position of focus of focusing lens. This focusing spot has high-energy density and can instantly vaporize the material to be processed, thus realizing the laser processing.

Figure 2-4 Motion system and optical system
d)  Water cooling system (air-cooled laser tube is not equipped with this system)
During equipment running, the water-cooled laser generates a large amount heat, the laser will fail to work normally and reliably even be damaged due to the over-heat if the heat cannot be dissipated immediately, therefore, the water cooling system is essential to the water-cooled laser.
The water cooling system of this machine is the Han’s Laser self-developed water chiller (as shown in Figure 2-5), machine model: HCC100-01C, machine outer dimensions: 500mm x 900mm x 1000mm (L x W x H).
Make sure that the water level in water tank reaches the top of the visual tube before the water chiller start-up, check the water level every week, replace the water according to responding requirements, or else the equipment may fail to work normally even be damaged. Clean the water tank surface according to responding requirements, or else electric leakage even electric shock may occur. (Note: For the machine with machine model of P5060-CO2-30/55/60, since the laser is with lower power, the self-contained heat-dissipation system can properly dissipate the heat and it is unnecessary to be equipped with the water chiller.)

Figure 2-5 Water chiller
e)  Exhausting system
The main component of exhausting system is the exhaust fan, as shown in Figure 2-6.
Figure 2-6 Exhaust fan
Use the exhaust fan to discharge the fume, dust and harmful gas generated in the process of laser processing; when processing some materials such as cloth and film, use negative pressure to make the material flat, avoid the workpiece displacement. P5060 Series Laser Cutter is equipped with 1.5KW medium-pressure exhaust fan, the outer dimensions of exhaust fan is 560 x 590 x 580mm (L x W x H), the max. static pressure is 200mmAq, the max. air volume is 23M³/min. The exhaust pipe with inner diameter of ø150mm (delivered with the machine) is connected to the suction opening of the machine, thus the fume, dust and other gases can be discharged through the exhaust pipe with inner diameter of ø100mm (delivered with the machine). The user should prepare corresponding exhaust port for the workshop, the start button (FAN) of the exhaust fan is on the main machine body.


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