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Han's Laser Group 2017 Revenue Release
Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group (SHE: 002008; Shenzhen) reported total sales of RMB 11.5 bn ($1.825 bn ) for the year of 2017, growing 66.12% year over year, which is much faster than either Trumpf or IPG.
Han's Laser is honored the Title of “2017 Chinese Top 10 Listed Companies
On December 11 and 12, 2017 CCTV Financial Forum, also Chinese Listed Companies Summit, was held in Beijing. The list of 2017 CCTV Chinese Top 10 Listed Companies was announced on December 12, and Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., standing
Han's Laser is one of Finalists for the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation announced
Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.: Multi-axis and High-Precision UV-Laser System for PVD Ablation Processing
2018 EXPO Manufactura Monterrey(Mexico), Booth No 1234
Han's Laser will unite Feiyang Maquinaria to join the show, We will have our best-selling laser cutting machine MPS-3015D for a live demonstration, showcasing you different kinds of laser machine.
MD&M WEST Trade Show, Booth No 2707
Welcome to MD&M Trade Show,Han's Laser will unite our partner to attend the show,please visit our Booth at 2707.
Depaneling Diverse of Printed Circuit Boards
UV Laser Technology for diverse of Printed Circuit Boards, such as FPC, FR4, CVL, RF, etc..
Laser Technology For Mint and Die Industries
Han' Laser offers a solutions for the laser based die production and a deep engraving processing solution for coins.
Laser Depaneling For Fingerprint Sensor IC
A Laser solution for packaging fingerprint sensing chips and a fingerprint sensing module using.
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